Sarabeth Tucek


Sarabeth Tucek is an American singer/songwriter whose debut single, "Something for You," was critically acclaimed in the British media upon its release in 2007. Born in Miami, FL, she cites influences including Bob Dylan and Neil Young and has been compared to fellow female singer/songwriters Hope Sandoval and Cat Power. Tucek made her recording debut in 2003 as a harmony vocalist on the (Smog) (aka Bill Callahan) album Supper. Later that year she was featured as a background vocalist on the Callahan-produced album Goodbye Little Doll by EZT (i.e., singer/songwriter and occasional Will Oldham collaborator Colin Michael Gagon). Afterward, she collaborated with Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre on a handful of songs that were released in 2005 as a five-track EP, We Are the Radio. One of the songs on that EP, "Seer," would later be retitled and released as Tucek's debut single, "Something for You." Originally released in 2006 on the British label Sonic Cathedral Recordings, "Something for You" was critically acclaimed by a range of media outlets in the U.K. and was eventually licensed for reissue by the label Echo in 2007. Produced by Ethan Johns and Luther Russell, the full-length album debut Sarabeth Tucek (2007) was also released by Echo, along with the follow-up single "Nobody Cares." ~ Jason Birchmeier, Rovi