Doman & Gooding Feat. Dru & Lincoln

Pete Gooding made his name through a decade's service at Ibiza's Café Mambo, serving up hours of sumptuous Balearic beats while immaculate sunsets rippled across San Antonio bay. Odd then that Gooding's latest release is a slice of chunky, big room house music - the polar opposite of the lazy sun-kissed grooves many would most associate him with.

Teaming up with Canadian James Domain to form 'Domain & Gooding', 'Running' owes much of its charm to the hefty use of Carrie Lucas' 'Dance With You' - a record made famous by Amand Van Helden on his number one hit 'You Don't Know Me'. The record also features almost clichéd hits of electro basslines and upbeat R&B style rap, but in reality these are just decoration for the familiar, filtered disco string/bassline samples which have seen this record making serious waves on the commercial end of the dance spectrum.

Fun but ultimately throwaway this record is likely to continue to be a feature in the clubs and on the radio deep in to 2009. ~Stephen Titmus~ Copyright (c) Shazam Entertainment Limited 2009. All rights reserved


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