T-Pain Feat. B.o.B. – Up Down

Sometimes it’s fun to imagine an alternative history where T-Pain never existed. Nothing against the guy, who we’re sure is a lovely chap, but just think how different the musical landscape would be if he had been erased from existence – perhaps by a time travelling robotic hipster from the future – before he could popularise Auto-Tune.

True, the technology existed before him, but it was T-Pain who took it and turned it into a ubiquitous feature of modern music that’s up there with the likes of the 303 synth. Without Auto-Tune, 21st-century R&B and hip-hop would be almost unrecognisable. Kanye wouldn’t have made ‘808s and Heartbreak’ and a load of singers who couldn’t really sing wouldn’t have been able to get away with it by flicking a switch and morphing into a sad disco robot.

But how does the Aristotle of Auto-Tune himself feel about his pitch-corrected legacy?

“It’s not gonna bother me at all, as long as my name is known,” T-Pain told HIpHop DX. “People will make up anything they want about you. They feel like they can evaluate you, break you down and really divide you into what you can do. But when people really do the research for real, that’s when they find out. So if I do leave a legacy with my music here, it will be enough of it and enough different kinds of it – with so many different people – where it wouldn’t even matter how much you break it down. You’re going to find out like, ‘Oh shit, that dude actually was good. I didn’t know that. I didn’t actually give him a chance. He got Justin Biebered.’”

Not quite sure what that last comment means (Bieber is good, but people don’t realise it?), but we would love to see a hidden camera prank show called ‘You’ve Been Biebered’. Maybe something for you to do when the bottom drops out of teen pop stardom, eh Justin?

The Chainsmokers – #Selfie

It’s hard to know where to start with ‘#Selfie’. With its obnoxious hashtagged title, headache-inducing day-glo sounds and hyper-irritating Valley Girl voiceover, it’s the kind of thing crusty cultural commentators could use to illustrate the creeping collapse of civilised society. At first glance, it certainly comes off as a particularly egregious example of novelty EDM – a barrel scraping, sub-Gangnam exercise in turning annoyance into YouTube hits, exploiting today’s WTF-powered online economy where something doesn’t have to be good to be successful.

But that assessment only works if you take The Chainsmokers at face value. Look a little closer and what you actually find is an act of trolling so epic that it’s almost elevated to the level of performance art. Not only are The Chainsmokers mocking the selfie-snapping party people who probably make up a large chunk of their audience, they’ve actually convinced them to participate in their own humiliation by submitting selfies for use in the song’s video. Wherever you stand on the music, it’s impossible not admire the band’s sheer fan-baiting ballsiness. It’s pretty much equivalent of Bruce Springsteen releasing a track titled ‘New Jersey Steelworkers Are Dicks’.

But perhaps we’re overthinking it.

“Well basically we had the idea randomly, and hit up our homegirl Alexis to come over for 20 min and try out some ideas, she came over and in no time we had two verses,” they told EDM Sauce of the track’s genesis. “To be honest, at first we were terrified by it, we couldn’t tell if we had just created something genius, or a song that would guarantee our musical death. But we put it up for two days and it had 180k plays and only fun comments and that’s when we realized we had something bigger than we realised.”

Provided they don’t get torn to pieces by an angry dancefloor that suddenly realises they’ve been taking the piss, The Chainsmokers are probably going to huge.

Rick Ross Feat. French Montana & Diddy – Nobody

The Maybach Music name has firmly established itself as Hip Hop’s empirical brand, with its signature sound and roster standing head and shoulders above most competitors. The colossal leader Rick Ross has been at the forefront of the group’s success, offering heavyweight solo material as well as stellar feature collaborations.

The month of March sees the MMG don return with new studio album “Mastermind”, again boasting an enviable lineup of monstrous beats, A-List guest stars and bragging-ish lyrics. One of the standout cuts on Ross’ sixth release is the ominous single “Nobody” which features long time collaborative partner French Montana and the 20 plus year rap mogul Diddy. Opening with a “motivational” intro by the Bad Boy legend, Rick Ross narrates about a life of striving to be number one in the all too familiar cutthroat environment of Hip Hop. “Nobody” has gained much publicity due to its sampling of the classic Notorious B.I.G record, “You’re Nobody Till Somebody Kills You” with the chilling chorus of the 1996 cut being recreated by Montana.

“Mastermind” recently topped the Billboard charts, making it the fifth album of the Miami rapper’s releases to reach the top spot. Speaking to US Radio station Power 107.5m Ross spoke of “Mastermind” as the album he wanted to surpass all of his prior works. “On this album, man, I just really wanted to eclipse everything that I did since ’06 … I wanted to just bring it all together music-wise. I wanted everybody that went and got this album to feel like it was something for everybody on there. And it was the very best of the best”.

Schoolboy Q – Break The Bank

Officially announcing himself to the wider musical audience just last year, the West Coast’s gravel toned sensation Schoolboy Q has quickly emerged as one of rap’s most exciting breakout stars for 2014. With raw tales of street encounters, past drug issues and life in Compton, the uncompromising rapper channels the spirit of past LA storytellers, whilst injecting much dark humour into his verses to appeal to the new school audience. New single “Break The Bank” captures the essence of the Interscope signed rapper – reciting a harrowing account of coming from the murkiest of backgronds to finally achieve wider recognition and riches.

Schoolboy Q’s solo emergence comes as no surprise to fans of the rapper from the Top Dawg Entertainment camp. The 27 year old is part of the exciting young collective known as Black Hippy – composed of himself and rappers Ab-Soul, Jay Rock and lyrical sensation Kendrick Lamar, who have all been touted as future game changers within Hip Hop. After a succession of well received independent album releases, Schoolboy Q dropped his much anticipated major label debut ‘Oxymoron’ last month; an album filled with uncompromising cuts which cater to hardcore rap fans and those who prefer vintage West Coast tales.

Schoolboy Q recently performed at the iTunes Festival at the annual South By South West event in Austin, Texas. Q will reach the UK shores this May, performing at a number of venues across the country.

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John Martin – Anywhere For You

Even without an official single to his name, the illuminating vocals of John Martin have graced the biggest pop hits of the last few years. From his unforgettable collaborations with the Swedish House Mafia to powering Tinie Tempah’s anthemic “Children Of The Sun” the songwriter’s credits have always been as a featured artist. This Spring however, the singer-songwriter releases his hugely anticipated debut single “Anywhere For You”.

Released on 31st March, Martin’s solo venture again boasts his magnificent vocals which sing passionately of his loves and the lengths he would go for all of them. Speaking to, John went into detail as to which ‘loves’ he was referring to on the track. “It’s all about what is important – friends, family and lovers back home. It’s what really counts in life. It’s the first track off the album to be released as it’s really what I’m about. It means a lot to me personally.”

Full of all the emotion and grandeur which comes with all of the songwriter’s material, “Anywhere For You” was produced by Michael Zitron, with whom John has worked with on prior hits. Martin became a household name back in 2011 when he provided his vocals to both of the Swedish House Mafia’s platinum selling singles “Save The World” and “Don’t You Worry Child”. A possible contender for the number one slot when it’s released, the 33 year old looks set to embark on a successful solo career, having already gained a strong following from numerous guest features.

Nicki Minaj – Lookin Ass

Always one for creating hysteria with every new release, Nicki Minaj returns to the rap arena, unleashing a furious new single that reverts back to the earlier sounds of the fiery female. Reigniting another war-of-the-sexes themed argument, new track ‘Lookin Ass’ spews a three minute tirade against slick, two faced guys whose fabricated ways of living are exposed by the Young Money rapper. Minaj adds glamour to the foul mouthed affair with the official video capturing the star’s much admired figure paraded on a beach.

‘Lookin Ass’ is the first single taken from Nicki Minaj’s forthcoming album, ”The Pink Print”. Although no release date has been officially announced, the multi-platinum selling artist spoke briefly about it on renowned DJ, DJ Drama’s Shade 45 radio show. She said, “It’s a classic album …that’s all I can think about right now. …I’m just working on the album. Nothing else is really gonna take precedence over that.”

Although ‘Lookin Ass’ sees the “Starships” performer drop numerous expletives all throughout, the track’s controversy stems from Minaj’s use of an iconic image of Malcolm X for the single’s artwork. The family of the iconic Civil Rights leader were among many who criticised the 31 year old’s use of the picture, citing that the song did not reflect the revered leader’s legacy. Minaj has since apologised and distanced the track from the image.


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