See lyrics in time to the music!

LyricPlayâ„¢ is the fun new feature that lets you see full screen lyrics in time with the music you're listening to.

LyricPlay is now available to everyone in our FREE and Encore Apps on iPhone, iPod touch and Android-powered devices, and with unlimited tagging you can Shazam as much as you like to see and learn the lyrics of your favourite songs!

LyricPlay is super-easy to use...

1. Tag a song you like.

2. Then start LyricPlay by turning your phone horizontally when you see the new LyricPlay icon in the Tag result.

3. To stop, tap the lyrics for options to go back to the Tag result.

We have LyricPlay for over 30,000 of our most popular Shazam'd tracks - with new songs added every week.

LyricPlay is available in US, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia and New Zealand and Canada.

To get started  make sure you have the latest version of Shazam for iPhone and Shazam for Android.

Watch the video to see LyricPlay in action!


You can visit directly from your device to quickly download the right version for you.