Listen to Hands by Superhuman Happiness
Superhuman Happiness
Album - Alternative, Music, Rock, Electronic, Psychedelic, R&B/Soul, Dance
Led by saxophonist/composer Stuart Bogle, Superhuman Happiness turn their sophomore album, Hands, into a surreal dance party full of skewed angles and giddy rhythms. The Brooklyn septet boast a formidable collective résumé—Bogle, for instance, has played on sessions for Iron & Wine and TV on the Radio, in addition to serving as conductor for the Afrobeat combo Antibalas. Ultimately, such background info matters less than the sheer inventiveness that SH bring to these tracks. The songs on Hands strike a balance between tight structures and freewheeling musicianship, fusing elements of funk, free jazz, punk, and world beat. The lyrics radiate sunny vibes with a hint of subversion; the grooves tug and tease as they raise a sweat. Bogle’s squalling sax drives the music forward while guitarists Luke O’Malley and Ryan Ferreira lay down choppy yet deft lines. The slap-happy clatter of “Elevator Elation,” the buoyant glide of “Second Heart” and the spacy throb of “I Can Hear You Calling” testify to the band’s eclectic ambition. Gang vocals on tunes like “Our Favorite Part” further boost the album’s bubbly mood.