Why should your phone have all the fun?

Shazam for Mac
Brand new

Shazam for Mac

Teach your Mac a few new tricks

Catch the music and TV playing around you without ever digging a phone out of your pocket. Shazam for Mac runs quietly behind the scenes, but springs to life when it finds a song you should know about, creating a playlist as it goes. You can now Shazam from your computer and effortlessly find it, share it, and buy it.


Shazam does more with music and TV. Explore lyrics; discover playlists or make your own. On iOS it does more with less - switch it to Auto and leave it listening (with no hit to the battery). Now that’s magic.

Shazam for Mobile


The new Shazam.com features the most accessible source of lyrics, previews, TV and videos out there. Click into magic with history, favorites, every tag and every hit across 20 countries all on one screen.

Shazam for Windows

Discover new to the power of 10. Powered by 8.1. Delve into the rich content of the world of music with a complete browsing history, lyrics and artist bios. Then buy those new discoveries in a Snap. All without leaving what you’re already doing: blazing the musical trend trail.

Shazam for Windows