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Who is Shazam?

Shazam connects more than 420 million people, in  200 countries and 33 languages, to the music, TV shows and ads they love. Every month another 15 million people embrace Shazam. All this makes us the world’s leading media engagement company. It’s an amazing app, available now on all major app stores and platforms. And we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to delight our users.

How did we get here …

It all started in 2002, even before the advent of smartphones.   Shazam launched a simple service designed to connect people in the UK with music they heard but didn’t know.  Since then, Shazam has become one of the world’s most recognized mobile consumer brands and one of the Top Ten most downloaded apps on iTunes App Store.

Music is at the core of Shazam’s DNA as we enable people to discover, explore, buy and share.  And now, Shazam is also a terrific companion app, bringing together people and entertainment in a variety of ways.  Our work with music labels, TV program producers and broadcasters – as well as with every major platform and carrier worldwide – has been recognized with industry awards.  Shazam helps people engage more deeply with what they’re listening to or watching.  Shows and advertisements that include our on-air prompt connect viewers to exclusive information and special offers on their favourite products.

Shazam is privately held with corporate headquarters in London and US offices in Menlo Park, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seoul and Sydney.


X-Factor Runners-Up Outshine the Winners in Shazam Tagging

As the X-Factor celebrates its 10-year anniversary, which UK X-Factor Artists have gotten people Shazaming in the UK and around the world?

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VP Product Management, Shazam for TV (SFTV)

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