Reaching out to more than 420 million users!

No other advertising medium offers the reach and impact of television. By making us laugh or tugging at our heartstrings, TV commercials deliver a brand’s messaging in powerful, effective ways.

But in seconds that message is over. As consumers, we are left to continue the story ourselves, to hopefully remember the commercial when it’s time to seek out the product or make a purchase decision.

But what if we could continue the journey immediately? What if we could get more information or even make a purchase, while still sitting on the couch?

Today there are 1 billion smartphones in the hands of consumers and 70% of those consumers interact with their mobile devices while watching television. That’s the power of second screen technology - it’s able to more than match the reach and impact of TV, it can actually extend its reach to give depth to the content people are interested in.

Nothing offers immediate engagement like second-screen interaction. And no one offers second screen interaction like Shazam.

With more than 420 million Shazam users in 200 countries, our vast reach and scale can help you connect with consumers that are already paying attention, that are already engaged - consumers that are looking for more information.

Shazam can connect you with consumers that are ready to act.

Shazam brings together people and entertainment with more than 15 million tags a day, driving engagement with major brands from every vertical. Plus, through leading social network sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, it’s really easy to share your great discoveries and moments from Shazam. There’s a reason we’re in the Top Ten most downloaded iPhone apps of all time.

Shazam keeps consumers tuned in so the commercial doesn’t have to be over. Our strategic advertising solutions can immediately connect you to your target audience in impactful, convenient and innovative ways.

With Shazam, you can continue the journey.

Banners: Run-of-site banners allow you to target your approach and deliver your message based on segments like music genre, day parts or devices.

Sponsorships: Sponsoring a “listening screen takeover” puts your brand at the magic moment of Shazam’s recognition experience, capitalizing on peoples attention as they anticipate tag results.

Customizations: Extend the reach of your commercials by using Shazam as a “second screen” companion. Give your customers single-click convenience and opportunities for interaction so they can shop, get more information or enter fun contests, all from their mobile device.

For more information about how Shazam can put your brand in the hands of millions, please contact the following:

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Peter Szabo (US and Canada)


Miles Lewis (UK and Eurozone)


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