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2012-02-02 22:38:58


Have your Shazam App at the ready for Sunday’s Big Game, the halftime show and Shazam-enabled TV Ads!

Tune in for the chance to win cars, get free music downloads, receive gift cards, donate to charity and enter sweepstakes for other great giveaways!

Here are some specifics, so you know what to be ready for:

The Big Game

  • Use Shazam during the Big Game and get the score, stats, polling & more – brought to you by FedEx!

Halftime Show

  • Experience more with Shazam on Big Game Day! This year’s Bridgestone Super Bowl Halftime Show will be Shazam-enabled through a partnership with Bud Light.  Use Shazam to tag the performance, and you can unlock exclusive content and experience more by Interscope artists performing. Shazam makes it easy for you to get more involved than ever before!

Shazam-enabled TV Ads! 

Be sure to look for the Shazam logo on screen or listen for a prompt from an announcer and start tagging.

  • Toyota is running a sweepstakes. See details  at for a chance  to win oneCamry for yourself and one for a friend!  You’ll make a friend for life!
  • Watch out for Pepsi’s new TV ad during the Big Game which features Melanie Amaro – the winner of The X FACTORTM!  Unlock a fee music video when you use Shazam to tag the ad!
  • will donate $1.00 to one of seven charities, up to a maximum of $100,000, when you use Shazam to tag their TV Ad – it’s never been so easy to do good!
  • Best BuyUse Shazam at any point during the Best Buy Big Game TV Ad to reserve your $50 gift card toward a mobile phone purchase when you upgrade!  Also, be sure to check out 2 of Shazam’s 4 founders in the Best Buy TV Ad
  • Teleflora is going to provide a special offer to anyone who uses Shazam to tag their TV ad during the Big Game.  Do something nice for someone you love – and that may just be yourself!

Experience more with Shazam at the Big Game, Feb 5th!

AUTHOR: Lee McElhinney


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