Shazam For TV: Tag Shows, Get Content, Go Social

If you're in the US you can now use Shazam to tag TV shows – ANYTIME, ANY SHOW! 

It doesn’t matter if you’re channel surfing or tuned in to your favorite show, use Shazam to get more about what you’re watching, as you’re watching it!  

• Music in the show: See all the songs featured in the broadcast
• Celebrity Buzz: Find all the latest entertainment news – and gossip! – about the cast, guests and show
• Trivia: Get the lowdown on fun facts and “did you knows” 
• Social Sharing: See what the cast and celebs are tweeting, or tweet what you’re thinking

Get all this cool stuff, and more, straight to your phone – all in just a few seconds after pressing one button to Shazam it!

If Shazam is already your favorite music app, we’re hoping it will now be your favorite TV companion app…. Are you ready to give it a try?


You can visit directly from your device to quickly download the right version for you.