Introducing Shazam Player

Available on the App StoreChoose a music player with a difference - Shazam Player™ the NEW app from Shazam!  Now you can do more than just play your music – like see streaming lyrics and watch YouTube videos of your favourite tracks and artists. Shazam Player is out now for everyone in the US and UK with an iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


Shazam Player brings the best Shazam features to your own music collection.





Bring your music to life with LyricPlay™. See streaming lyrics in time to the music - you’ll always have the words to your favorite songs with you. We have tens of thousands of LyricPlay tracks and we're adding more all the time.

Get to know your music



Shazam Player lets you sort, search and play your music by artist, album and track.  And by tapping on the blue triangle next to any track you open up the Track Tray to see all the great Shazam features available for each song – letting you do much more with your music!

Track Tray


- Share the soundtrack of your day with friends on  Facebook and Twitter
- Learn more about bands and artists with track reviews and biographies
- Watch YouTube videos and concert clips of your favorite artists
- Find tour dates for the bands and artists you’re into
- See the static Lyrics sheet for that particular track

Create and manage your playlists




Shazam Player shows you all of your existing iTunes playlists, but also lets you create new playlists on the fly.  To get you started, we've created "The Good List" and "The Bad List”. The Good List is the place to store your favourite music. The Bad List is the place to put all those tracks you don’t want to hear. When shuffling tracks, you'll never hear a Bad List track.

We help you build your Good and Bad lists by showing you the tracks you play most often (Good) and those you skip the most (Bad).

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Available on the App Store

It’s your music – so choose a music player that lets you do more. Download Shazam Player for free and try it out for yourself!


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