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Integrate the magic of Shazam into your apps. Develop powerful audio-based experiences across Apple platforms and Android.

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Bring music recognition to your apps

Tap into Shazam’s extensive music catalog and delight your users with music-based experiences.

Sync discoveries with the Shazam App or Music Recognition History in Control Center.

Do more with ShazamKit

Build and manage your own catalog of audio content, like audio from videos, podcasts, and even audio you record from scratch.

Sync or trigger user experiences with the content from your audio catalog.

Built with ShazamKit

Get inspired by our launch partners who have integrated ShazamKit.

Shazamkit PRAYOGA Icon
Guided AR yoga app for mind and body.
Smart alerts on your Apple Watch automatically sync to any asana played on your Apple TV, iPad or iPhone. Start a workout and never miss a step with what is being displayed.
Shazamkit PRAYOGA Asset Image
Shazamkit DSLR Icon
The complete photo and video app
Automatically recognize music playing in the background while taking pictures to suggest predictive filters for your photos based on genre or album artwork color.
Shazamkit DSLR Asset Image
Shazamkit DJAY Icon
DJ app and AI mixer
Capture music everywhere; whether at an event, listening to the radio, or playing a back-to-back set with another DJ. Instantly load your discoveries into virtual decks and play audio in sync with the external music source.
Shazamkit DJAY Asset Image
Shazamkit FM RADIO Icon
On-demand radio app
Discover and save songs from your favorite radio stations. You can even share music discoveries with your friends or add them to Apple Music.
Shazamkit FM RADIO Asset Image
Shazamkit HAPTIK Icon
Silent, beautiful, mesmerising yet simple metronome app.
Identify music and instantly return a song’s tempo to sing or play along with. Finding a song’s tempo has never been easier.
Shazamkit HAPTIK Asset Image
Shazamkit LETRAS Icon
Lyrics discovery and language learning app.
Discover music and deliver a synced lyrics experience. Enhance your language skills by connecting to teachers based on the genre of song discovered.
Shazamkit LETRAS Asset Image
Shazamkit VINYLS Icon
Beautiful Apple Music player.
Discover music playing around you and instantly start listening to tracks you pass by on your commute, hear on the radio, or vibe to at your friend’s party.
Shazamkit VINYLS Asset Image

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