By Richard Whiting Gus Kahn I saw the splendor of the moonlight On Honolulu Bay There's something tender in the moonlight On Honolulu Bay And all the beaches are filled with peaches Who bring their ukes along And in the glimmer of the moonlight They love to sing this song 1: If you like Ukulele Lady Ukulele Lady like a'you If you like to linger where it's shady Ukulele Lady linger too If you kiss Ukulele Lady While you promise ever to be true And she sees another Ukulele Lady foolin' 'round with you 2: Maybe she'll sigh (an awful lot) Maybe she'll cry (and maybe not) Maybe she'll find somebody else By and by To sing to when it's cool and shady Where the tricky wicky wacky woo If you like Ukulele Lady Ukulele Lady like a'you She used to sing to me by moonlight On Honolulu Bay Fond memories cling to me by moonlight Although I'm far away Some day I'm going, where eyes are glowing And lips are made to kiss To see somebody in the moonlight And hear the song I miss Repeat 1. Repeat 2.
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