Man, you should have seen me way back then I could tell a tale I could make it spin I could tell you black was white I could tell you day was night Not only that I could tell you why Back then I could really tell a lie Well, I'd hire a kid to say he was lame Then I'd touch him and I'd make him walk again Then I'd pull some magic trick I'd pretend to heal the sick I was takin' everything they had to give It wasn't all that bad a way to live Well, I'm in this desert town and it's hot as hell But no one's buyin' what I got to sell I make my lame kid walk I make a dumb guy talk I'm preachin' up a storm both night and day Everyone just turns and walks away Well, I can see that I'm only wasting time So I head across the road to drink some wine This old man comes up to me He says, "I seen you on the street" You're pretty good if I do say so myself But the guy comes through here last month He was somethin' else Instead of callin' down fire from above He just gets real quiet and talks about love And I'll tell you somethin' funny He didn't want nobody's money I'm not exactly sure What this all means But it's the damnest thing I swear I've ever seen Well, since that time every town is the same I can't make a dime I don't know why I came I decide I'll go and find him And find out who's behind him He has everyone convinced that he's for real Well, I figure we can work some kind of deal Well, he offers me a job and I say fine He says I'll get paid off on down the line Well, I guess I'll string along Don't see how too much can go wrong As long as he pays my way I guess I'll follow We're headed for Jerusalem tomorrow
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