Listen to You Don't Know Me Like That by M.O

You Don't Know Me Like That


Contemporary R&B

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You dont know me like that They quick to discuss it the budget you owe me like that They dap and they clap lets be real you dont know me like that I pick up the phone see the text you dont call me right back I cant understand you but girl it could all be so simple She wanna fuck me thats great but we go at my tempo Picasso Picasso I flow with the liquid like paint I do it for them coz they all so convinced that I can't I came in here with my day ones My a1s its two up its two down like we from the VA Im in your city I been here for three days Come to the crib you aint packing no PJs I do not deal with the nitty and gritty amd we do not want it we live by a code Y'all best not come to my side its the place they never walk that place thats right by the road Spell you stayin in character them boys go crazy its pop pop pop pop when you shady These hoes they act up I got me some ladys I got a bitch and I call her Mercedes But I just came in here to win to win im much better than lets just be real and be clear Whether im coming or going still Cumming and going they all so conviced that im playing
Writer(s): Charles A. Hinshaw, Annie Rose Ashcroft, Nadine Dorothy Samuels, Francesca Rose Connolly, Oliver Sebastian Rodigan Lyrics powered by