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Attila Domos
Attila Domos


I feel myself connected to this Mother Earth She gives me strength she gives me hope She gives me what I earn Unbreakable... Yeah yeah yeah... I'm unbreakable I reach deep down when I want to cry And push on for every mile I want to give up, I want to die But my friends won't let me down They're unbreakable... Yeah, yeah, yeah... unbreakable The burn I feel I can't explain -- jump back, here I come again Every cell in my body's drained -- coming through, again and again Gotta see it through to the end -- the miles, they never end Will I ever see daylight again? I'm thinking about the old times, trying to pass the time Keep my thoughts off the pain, that's occupied my mind Unbreakable... Yeah yeah yeah... we're unbreakable Mile after mile... Rollin through pain... Unbreakable
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