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Melissa D. Williams
Melissa D. Williams


Never found a way to take off in my city Letter to my landlord, I'm moving in 60 Headed to The Bronx with the sauce in the hooptie You're 'bout to have your doors fucked up by a rookie! Drop the facade, which boss is talkin'? Don't even need to run, I could pass you walkin' Woke up workin', no need to clock in Already way past what you folks are watchin' How many L's are you gunna get? Even if you chain smoke them, you'll never lift Broke, but you act like a star, you're flossin' The bike tried to act like a car, so the car hit! I'll be honest honey, you make it too easy to take your money I'm stylin' on you and I just stepped in Wild and vicious on some raccoon shit! I don't throw bombs, I throw Titans Try a ting, and I'll send you to the light I'll be in your news feed when you're hiding When you tuck yourself in at night! Grrr! Hold on baby, I'm about to get nasty I just wanna do ya like Uber did Taxi Dyna put in work, cause and effect Every other kitchen is behind on the prep These girls are living out spelling bees Ahead of the curve, see my momma was a G She said to take the world, I don't have to hit my knees The wave is here, will you drown or surf? I came to give my people what they do deserve They say if I don't top the charts, then I'm not the best But almost every hit starts with a silent "S" They look pretty in their make-up now But I'll send a wet wipe to the game's eyebrows I'm a chick that raps, so don't take me serious And I'll end this whole shit with a BLOODCLAT PERIOD
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