(Murs) I'm from L dot A dot Californ-I-A hot Days got shade let me take you 'round the way Lot of out-of-towners can't handle this city Where you wear the wrong color and it can get tricky But that was eighty-six and, things done changed We a lot mo' evolved with the way that we bang Not the rips and the dawgs, man the smog might kill ya But you ain't gotta worry if you stayin North of Wilshire Don't be scared of Crenshaw, the Slausson super-mall Or Earl's Hot Dogs man you gotta do it y'all, c'mon Come to the hood where we do the most good Magic Johnson be ownin everything like he should Lynnwood, Long Beach, Hawthorne, Gazine From the towers in Watts, to the hills of Pasadena The home of the traffic and that gangbang culture And I hope the way we do the damn thang don't insult ya (Chorus: repeat 2X) I'm from L.A. (ahh) Southern California Fool the West coast, where everybody is somebody And the game is fame, do everythang with a bang And everybody wanna know, what set you claim (Murs) The land where the six-fo's, hop up and get low Your favorite rapper gettin jacked for more than his sick flows Home of the pornos, we mess up award shows The weather's always warm so the women wear short clothes Our beaches ain't the cleanest but the {ahh} is the greenest And we got the blonde bombshells and sick latinas Then mix in the dark-skinned light-skinned sisters Where you never have to wear your triple goose on Christmas You can miss us with the blizzards and the winters The hurricanes unless it's in some glasses with some actresses Perfect frame, silicone or real it don't matter if she paid for it Every single trend you can probably thank L.A. for it Bandanas, facelifts, quick trips to Vegas White t-shirt, Chuck Taylors or them K-Swiss Poplockin, Crip walkin, chronic blunts, G-Funk A place that everybody hate, but you gotta see once (Chorus)
Writer(s): Fitzroy Ogilvie Simpson, Donald Shaw, Lloyd Anthony Ferguson, Nick Carter, Patrick Denard Douthit Lyrics powered by