I can't get away from the common sound I'm never gonna get the cool kids to get down You know why And it's fine I can't touch the capo to any frets without getting too upset The clever ways you used to tune my strings Makes me miss the clever way that your voice sings And I need to let you go I'm just waiting for your next surprise and trying to stay fine You made me laugh until I couldn't breathe I'm just sorry I had to leave Anymore you're just the only thing that gets me so upset You're the only one from home that I ever wanted to impress Anymore I don't know what to say when it comes To you, and Mike, and Dave I won't forget the Youth we played I'm just keeping myself sane I can't be your crutch anymore And I just can't get why I just can't catch you (Not Strong) I know now you're just weak But I guess writing this kind of makes me less There was a time when I tried too hard When I came to low places that you choose to stay There came a time to change When the ends of my days all felt the same But I'll just shut my mouth and forget this
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