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Benjamin Prince Adu-Owusu
Benjamin Prince Adu-Owusu
Amandeep 'Clonez' Dhaliwal
Amandeep 'Clonez' Dhaliwal


When I talk they listen When you talk it's bitching The truth be coming like a beyblade the way they spin it Plotting with my brothers, while I chuckle at your vision Coz that new tune that you wrote is moving washed like dirty linen Been a long time since I read them scriptures God be sparing me all through my shady business Relations with these women, need to change the way I'm living Still I'm calling Dixon thinking how to make a killing Yeah, My life can never be boring She top me off in the morning And so that's usually when you'll see me up and coming Lustful but I love it She told me bout her cousins But in their social groups they ain't nothing but some busters Damn She try distract me from my plans And that's because she likes what's in my hands It be the same fuckin bitches from the gram Now look at me, fuckin bitches from the gram, shame on me Mob ties stronger than my family ones Who knew your blood could be so cancerous I've seen what that cancer does Fuckin problems I looked to mount Olympus for my callin Hades said that's boring And sent my enemies with a Trojan horse You know suttin to go to war with But that's another story I rarely go deeper than the surface, so regardless of the bond I'm out of service These niggas make me nervous I'm tired of them hearses I'm shaking off these curses Wishful thinking in my verses Loso buss his case so I ain't gotta schedule visits Joey buss his case you'll catch him flossin in a minute JBs in the city steady working on his riches These already happened but there's more that's on my wish list I need a fuckin therapist The devils knockin for me saying let him in He needs another host, David letterman Chronic overthinker, turnt me to an over drinker I don't feel your energy so no we can not link up I keep it trilla, you need to hold your weight just like a chin up Clocked the selfish people to get rid of Now I see them watching from a distance They don't want me balling like the clippers Couldn't tell you what a risk was They're too busy spending on a wristwatch No reason to be pissed off, you left me with no options Now I'm up in Chelsea, licking shots just like gudjonson So I tell the barman I need some henny for the pain I told him pour some more coz it still cuts deep She wanna give the print inna ma tracksuit love I wanna wind down but she so nasty So I ignore everything I'm goin through now And say I'm on my way To satisfy her needs
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