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Ben Hayden
Ben Hayden


Everybody acting better than me Better cut it out, or end up being dead on the street I'm having so much trouble even getting a beat I got my homie on the job, but he's as scattered as me And this the only thing we ever wanted Used to spit freestyles every time we on it Now most these f*cking Aussie rappers make me vomit It's the whackest sh*t I have ever heard, just being honest I'm a beast, I'm a killer and a monstrous You're a thief. You're no realer than the lochness Got your f*cking head in the sand like an ostrich While I'm in the clouds. Motherf*cker off of boss sh*t At the end of the level, you trynna kill me Only my homies know the real me But every cat I spit a verse to, feel me Then talk sh*t behind my back cause they filthy Saying that I won't be sh*t when I will be Spent too many days in my room not to kill beats Serial Killer wit' flows, you know that I'm guilty I stand tall while these other motherf*ckers wilty Spit a verse, rappers jump from a buildin' Hear this my suicide flow Do or die slow And you don't so you choke trynna say goodnight bro Now you f*ckin' wit' a psycho I don't know when, any second might go I remember days puffin' from a light globe Payin' money to play games at f*ckin' time zone Now my brain full of hydro Kendrick lamar face, yeah, my eyes low Full retard, from the weed that I blow Brainsick, bump from the trunk, as I ride slow You wanna be Crunk, I don't Cuz I'm faded, barely awake and paranoid Thinkin maybe these snakes and these fakes I can avoid You don't want beef, you can't take the battle, boy Cause I'm slaughtering MC's Better be supporting, or rollin' up ten feet Nobody tempt me I'm sick of f*cking around, cuz my tanks on empty Hear me comin' up the street, cuz the weed loud Dabs to my face, get me laced 'til I green out You're a gutter motherf*cker, I don't see how pus*y MC's bars soundin' like meows Been on my soul, no sh*t, it's been weeks now People on my block think I'm trynna run from a beat down Get high, at the same time, keep my feet down But I don't go without for too long, or I freak out
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