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All my songs sound the same Because there's so many people to blame If I was rich, I'd be the same Everybody else would change Two straight albums down the drain People ask if I'm insane They took my home and then They took my city They took my woman when She still was pretty They took my words And they took my songs They're going to give them back When they get them all wrong They took my soul and then They took my style Wearing shades when They took my smile They took my board And they took my waves Then they gave me a God And told me I was saved When I've stumbled in my life I was trying to grab the knife You know the one inside my back? It's always painted black Before you give me your advice Be sure you think it through twice I could tell you about my story But it's all over now All the passion all the glory It's all over now Did you know how close I came? You even know my name? Did you know I lost the game? Before I began to play Got to start over again
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