Break the noise Only just to start Break the noise When you lose your head It's the first step To climb to hell I feel like I need to cover my head I need it to start the new way You look around The clouds get come down I look around The eagles I'm fearless You look around Without waiting an endless sound The goal is to touch the sun Can you live in The frozen rocks of the peak? Can you show me Your broken wings? Ahead Ahead Ahead Wake up, beat it! Hey you I will show you how To glide the sky Run away too high I don't show the real feelings Everything goes Like the wind You will be You will be The climber coming now Sometimes I feel in my way A small stone on the ground The stone on the ground Climb to the sky Climb to the sky It's a different way My mind is blind Climb to the sky All my friends All my weapons in the air To get to the end Who wants to help you Wake Up your mind If you need it Climb to reach Heaven
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