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Kent Anderson Hadnot II
Kent Anderson Hadnot II


Nigga we far from the same You don't know how far we came Death is just part of the game We done got numb to the pain She tried it once fell in love with the cane She got the neck of a crane Better check in with ya gang I ain't finna tuck in my chain Who the fuck feeling like Debo I'll make the play of the game Bitch I been feeling like D. Moe Catching bodies but I'm talking bout thots Bitches be all on my cock After I fuck her I'm kicking her out Preciate the pussy, goodbye Send her outside, with the head wrap on like a bitch in Dubai Everybody swearing that they independent until the 5th of July You get caught snitching you die Have you swimming with the fishes after you get fried I know some niggas inside They took the yellow brick road like the wizard of oz My mama gave me a choppa I named it Big Mama These niggas bitches in disguise Don't get bucked by the antelope I promote peace Maya Angelou but this choppa still gon rise These niggas full of despise They plot my demise I can see it in they eyes My circle getting circumsized I'm cutting off guys Front, back, side to side If you ain't bout riding with felonies smoking real heavily Please do not get in my ride I gave him a warning, if he still go and tell on me Ima just kill em inside These niggas slow They just going with the flow I'm the reason for the tide I be riding through Mo thinking bout my woes Still can't believe them niggas died So don't come to close All of my niggas got toast Over this bread we gon fire it Yo time is up you expiring Who want this work Deus is hiring Set you up fa early retirement Shawty say I'm so inspiring Charming like I come from Ireland Bend her over while she ironing If it's a problem we sliding We be suited up like firemen Pulling these hoes Running niggas off the road It's lit everywhere we go You don't want no smoke Lil boy I heard you got asthma This choppa attached to a ladder It's black and the bullets attack at ya back and ya bladder Desert em like back in Nevada Nobody life matters, the scope it just make em look fatter Do you feel like donating plasma? I'm back and I'm badder I only do what I rather Smoking a blunt with my shadow These lying ass rappers be talking bout syrup and powder, but Aunt Jemima be the Batter If she bad I'm @ her On a rooftop in Manhattan This cloth make me feel like Aladdin Secluded the fashion Flyer than you could imagine After party at the mansion But if you ain't looking like money, black girls, and snow bunnies Then you is not getting inside You know how I ride Foreign whips and foreign honey's my nigga I'm skippin the line I be feeling divine I found a wrinkle in time Don't make me sprinkle this nine Niggas be saying they super, but they ain't trained to go huh Send em to the land beyond
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