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Pasang John Galay
Pasang John Galay


Well sometimes I hate my voice All these blood ties they left me without a choice And comprise all my tracks and you'll see How I hardly compliment the noise Well you, you're the one, you'll walk with me Cause' you're the double take that I want to see And you got me thinkin' how good my life could be If this funny girl would walk with me And maybe you'll like all these things that are wrong with me Cause' the girls before you tried to change my personality Well I've seen this other band perform So why don't you just come along Cause' even though I'm jealous of their success I get it where you're all coming from, okay And when I give you all the things That another girl would like me to bring You'll stop me saying Why you being so fuckin' cheesy A rose is not the way that I think, no And if you think I like you Yeah, you're probably right But if you think I'll show it, baby You'll be waiting all night But we could get away Whether or not we want to Come on I want to And you have got me saying Out loud I want ya Oh man, I want ya And I can't get away Even if I want to But I don't want to And you could have me played But I hope you're not Oh, babe come on Maybe we can really dance Even your little dog is giving me a chance And I'll be there when she is sick Cause' that little dog is truly the best So when sometimes that I hate my songs I'll think about how you came along And how your endless inspiration means That no words could ever call you done It's been so hard to speak my mind When dating other girls But since you came around it's seemed just fine For us to share our worlds And when you come to me with something prying Or if maybe I'm hurt The way we talk about it is of a new kind So we can brush off the dirt
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