This ones a tip of the hat Just hold me close Look I can't begin to explain this level of depression Deep down in my brain, negative thoughts, excessive I'm filled with so much pain, it's actually impressive Moving fast in my lane, got mad road aggression I got my foot on this gas, just to keep the tension Burning down the same, just to battle my depression Placing bricks every day, just to build a section Most fly Angel's in the sky, they lead my protection And I forgot to mention Finally my birthday, again with bad intentions, there have been worse days Three, six, five. A G O, posted with B Stretched out, four paws down on the floor comforting me Soaking in tears, sulking in memories from before Now this day marks 2 years 11 months since YOU My best friend, called by the good Lord Que paso mijo. I'm trying to answer your call and uh. I'm sorry but uh. i'm with Johnny It's why. So. I don't hear you when you call me. God Bless you, eh? Ahhkay. Call me When you have a chance. I hope that you. are. uh. are doing very well on this day Call me when you have time. Okay? Bye Just hold me close Posted in the studio Crushed! I'm all alone Sitting here playing these old recordings off my phone Grasping to hope of new memories instead of embracing being on my own Everyday feels like I'm pleading Its hurting In every way I be searching praying that it ain't certain That you're... gone And when you go... I will be so sad Cause now I'm SO sad Today I'm supposed to celebrate, yet times that we've had are on my soul Let's elevate, got gold... Gates thought to be in heaven There's no pretending. I feel your presence. No leverage. Full-blown peace Saying the same prayers since I was eleven. In Spanish Mi Angelito de mi Guardia No reason to panic. No more pain. No wreaking havoc Screaming! Fuck cancer! I can't stand it Que paso mijo! I'm waiting for you And when you go. I will be so sad Now when you see me I'm smiling And now that I've Finally come to terms with myself and what's inside I'm so happy for the memories and all those times We were there for each other to wake all those tides Spent my time in the darkness, helped turned on that light Clawed my way out the tunnel, holding on so tight You lead the way and I'm grateful, I keep my head high I'm twenty six and I miss you. You're always by my side Que paso mijo? Call me as soon as you can, eh? I gonna wait for your call
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