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tarnesia smith
tarnesia smith


Cut the bullshit I'm giving intervention to bitches Suicide slit they wrist just to get some attention Heard em screaming competition but they really just kidding 9 months bitch please, this a whole life sentence Been sparing bitches like they tires and I'm getting tired Pull up in da Benz, think that shit a test drive Pull up where you stay and now you getting chastised Been praying for this asswhooping hope you ready to get baptized I ain't losing sleep you bitches pressing for what Wake up on the wrong side and catch you testing ya luck I bet they looking at me thinking she too cute to get dirty Wrong bitch, keep on thinking while I'm effing you up Its real follow my lead, I can teach you the matrix Getcha own, cuz dem niggas come and go how you take em Getcha hair and nails did, step it up, dont be basic And when u see him tell him fuck him nigga keep on chasing Getcha money sis, secure da bag, get to running shit Cuz gametime done been over with Set ya own rules bitch boss up, If you want it then get it, shouldn't matter what it cost ya Never let dem bitches see u sweat And at all times demand yo respect Yeen gotta pop that pussy for a check And when you walkthrough make em break they neck Fuck them hoes aye Bad bitch in transition, gear shifting, lane switching Check calling, game get it, that's a plane ticket Miss me wit the rap if it's a game I play the game different Chips in variety i cant settle witchu plain bitches Project baby, oodles and noodles ho I come from that Same spot you talking shit where we gonn bump at Then it's on to next bag, hands on deck These bitches for more than hair cuz I demand my respect Dont get it twisted for a second, or a minute either Ho I ain't friendly so I don't fuck with too many people Can be a angel, take me there and you gonn make me evil Mind my business on that tip cuz you ain't worth the feature Got my own crib and my own wheels Just a start but fo it over with I'll make my own deals Boss bitch, what I'm doing in a couple months you prolly do in years If you asking the difference it's quite clear What you tellin em get dat money sis
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