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Uh Oh
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Ivy Rose Geary
Ivy Rose Geary
Martin Debourge
Martin Debourge


Here we go, here we go again Lies passed on to lovers and to friends I don't know if I can make it through Fabrications hanging over you. Oh uh oh Hearts designed Mine was made for yours Roll your dice and I'll eat all the thorns Stomach swirls my veins are bulging too Oh my god the things I'd do for you Oh I'm so sad Oh I'm so blue I don't want to leave you All I can all I can do Is try my best to see the best in you Love's still there it's written on your face It might end bad but that's a risk I'll take And you can try but there's nothing you can do I'm right here I'm stuck to you like glue Oh uh oh Let's start again Open up and star anew All my life I've only wanted you God I'm so mad What can I do Never have I ever doubted you And all that you say All you can prove Wraps me right back up inside of you And now you've got me saying oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh
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