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Tayyab Mahmood Abbas
Tayyab Mahmood Abbas


I met this one girl She had a man but we just connected It's like the first time we spoke in person she felt neglected She told me she was having problems I said that I felt it And that night we end up kissing now she leaving town it's hectic So we don't talk for a while now Couple years go by it's mad Inner thoughts dug in way to deep When you're in too deep can't escape that fast So I dated this one chick after Turns out she wasn't the one for me Ended up fussing and fighting A toxic thing man she wanted some fun with me 2 months later I'm all black Black heart black soul in my rucksack Moved in with a couple of my friends But those couple of my friends Are the snakes now I'm so mad They tried moving to my ex girl Meanwhile I was with my next girl Remember the one with the man Well she's just moved back yeah she ain't with her ex now Spent a couple nights getting lean up Spent a couple nights with our feet up Turned up to her yard in the middle of the night for her birthday ting knowing she's up Once again I go and make a mistake Then again I'm good at making mistakes I can't be the one to take all the blame We stopped talking got me tripping like I'm fading away There Ain't a lot of things i can say and I say what I mean so I mean what I say We suddenly stopped talking for days and the days to turned nights and the nights were the days When you never been the same as the day when you met but you met in the bestest of ways Now you running back and fourth like a game and the fact that you fell for her got you again I'm in pain Go on tell I'm a fool now
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