Look I know that we just met And I know that I really made you upset But I'm trying to get it right girl so We don't mess around don't really have time for regrets Yea we met at a birthday on the first day And it's really kinda hard to forget The first time that I saw your smile I'm like wow Kinda had me feeling like a child I said you were mean and I like her You're small but Fierce like a tiger Not one that needs a tamer But the one that's been hurt and Needs someone to come save her Yume I haven't really felt alone Because you beat in my heart real strong I know this info's heavy but without you I'd really mess around and lose my throne I'm a Leo No baby I am not cocky The king But things got a little rocky I never really felt this pain before My heart was locked yet you opened the door I can't believe what God has had in store All my life been used and shoved to the floor Lately I've had love in my chest Yea my heart is a mess Look my face it's a wreck Please listen to my heart, it beats for you So don't shut me out, I want more of you There's nothing in the world I wouldn't do for you I want to cradle your heart, and grow strong with you Now Take a look into my eyes and feel the vibes These are the things that I have inside I won't ever leave your side I'm yours I want to know, could you be the one for me The one for me I been thinking about you undoubtedly Wanna tell you how I feel but it's hard to speak I'm scared of my feelings I can barely breathe Please look at me I never really fell so fast and hard I hope that this won't hit me battle scars A life without you is a mess I pray to God you're here to stay with me no stress Even if it's just one more day I feel blessed Kissing you I feel the Chemistry no test Yes I do get a bit jealous even if I say I don't I only see you, there is no other I want I'm really hoping for the day you just give me a chance I don't want to stay friends I want to be your man A man that's willing to be there for you take my hand Girl I'm using this song girl so I can take a stand I want to know, could you be the one for me I promise on my life that I won't ever hurt you Swear to be the man that's always in your circle I want to be the one that's holding your waist Your arms on my shoulders believing in faith My heart was made for you, I think you're my prize I wish you would tell me your feelings inside I think that I know but I don't want to force you The light of my day there's no other above you When I look into you're eyes It feels like I'm dreaming girl that's no lie Wish I was better for you, but I have flaws I've failed a lot of times baby that's my fault Give me a chance to prove that I'm worth it I'm more than what you seen on the surface Take this key to my heart, and just give me a chance Because I'm more than willing to go take this dance I want to know, could you be the one for me
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