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Trey Jennings
Trey Jennings


Who want the business You want the business you trippin You see this liq that I'm sippin You see this band that I'm drippin You see these models that's wit me You see this bag that I'm gettin Stock going up like it's Christmas I'm finna gift you this pack I'm finna get you to snap Watching her booty it claps Shit Make me dizzy I slapped it Grab on her hips it is magic Way that she movin impressive I don't know why they expect me to fail I am just focused and driven as hell But now she got me I'm under her spell Damn she a beauty she might just prevail I am addicted to it I can tell Really she blessed me, she get so me well Might have to go to the Kay for a sale Shit Tangent expelled But when I'm driving it look like a scene Whipping the X up until the morning Realized that I'm just a kid with a dream Riding Man we riding on a late night Riding on a late night Ohh, riding on a late night Oh ooo woah Oh ooo woah Oh ooo woah Oh ooo woah
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