I lay back, look how far I done came Trials and tribulations all the lessons I've gained Build me breakdown look at the man that it made We dreamed for times like this, manifested these days Now I'm focused on ambitions I'm praying on my enemies, practicing new religion I swear I'm on my mission, defeating the whole system It's a matter of some time, the culture is steady shifting Lets talk about my narrative I'm here to tell my truth, I'm different from all these characters Building fake perceptions, won't make it without the stamina Ns go Heath Ledger in front of the fucking camera So cut it with the clown shit King of hearts of my nigga, I Ace you and make the crown shift Surface look unstable, I'm running game the ground shifts Lost my train of thought, the platform na I found it Mental fragments recollected A Bunch somebody's we forgot to try remember Pictures pasted together, birds of the same feathers My reign it elevates They not ready for this weather Y'all laying low when it's December What happened to those lines about diamonds and facing pressure Niggas scared to Take the L They reaching so far away Making up stories concealing all of their Shame A Lot pride here at stake Who's cleaning up your plate at the end of the day Ns caught in a race, I see rats chasing cheddar It's a marathon my nigga try to soak up the pressure Y'all never have no guidance, ain't no need to rush perfection it comes with timing Business acquisitions, my seat I just recline it T and Cs apply my na just read the fine print My name cemented with the greats Time will the story, you just gotta sit and wait Pop a couple bottles, money, liquor's what we chase If it's really meant for you, you can never be too late Y'all can miss me with the fy Ns ducking action, like Tutorials up in their faculties
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