Workin workin workin so one day I can be great Sacrifice All my time While I'm here so I can't be late They ain't wanna listen to me Persona they thought it's changed I just needed some distancing but I always stayed the same I had love for all the homies they couldn't handle the pain They ain't even think about me Won't sweat it cause I don't blame em I'm a mess up in my head but the music it keep me sane Maybe it's because my ex Cause she fucked onto all my friends I can't cuff nobody I don't know nobody I can't even stand to love so I can't trust nobody I just write I'm by my lone I can't disrupt nobody I thought time would always tell I'm tryna rush to something They keep sayin "Jack Powell, boy you gotta stay patient" Stay low, make goals Keep on paving your placement Your time is coming very soon, you gon be known cross the nation They said I'm good but no I'm great and it just took dedication It's on me It takes more than passion If you gotta dream then go get what you want Father I apologize I ain't never mean to hurt you and that's all can i Do to make you happy it hurt and you blamed the rapping Rhett and you got love for sports and in music I got the passion Every day I tried so hard to achieve and just make you happy I understand times were hard and your feelings were very stagnant I don't know I'm just going based off your actions I'll never truly understand how you felt but it looked badly Mama keeping up a front and it's tearing all up the fabric Even if you sat me down couldn't understand it exactly but Now we goin forward Forgot all about the madness I just gotta say I love you til it all ends up backwards I'm sorry It takes more than passion If you gotta dream then go get what you want I don't gotta lotta love left to give Now I think I gotta lotta time left to give It's a lotta things on my mind If you remember me for nothing else Then just remember me for this I was talking to my dad and I saw a low key alcoholic Talking to my mom and I know she feel the hardships Always going through something Don't even wanna be involved in But the pain made me stronger I just keep on evolving On God
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