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Alez Karlo - SMALL TALK / 🌎 Chicago, Illinois
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Rares Sendre
Rares Sendre
Alez Karlo
Alez Karlo


I wanna ball out and you wanna crash Always talking to me about something in the past Cuz' you're a bad little misfit Attitude crazy Strawberry lipstick and I can't seem to stay away Now we're rollin in the car once again I'm a fool for ya Running out of words that I could say Think I've said enough Spread your wings and fly away So help me realize I've been waiting for nights You said you want to stay awhile Why say all these lies Come and tell me Don't you waste time You kept me in the dark It doesn't suit me well You speak in lullabies I'm praying for my health I wonder where you go I'll tell you how I feel So, would you wait awhile Cause sometimes, I mean, I won't lie You ignite me, don't recite my own love No you can't relate it I'm tryna pick up pieces But you speak less, do more You left me speechless, on call Try to reason, no more Cause I said one thing, you did the other See, you left me alone sinking And expect me to call you, no I can't stay Gone for weeks, enough time I wasted Hit me back, no more second chances
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