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Bryson Strawbridge
Bryson Strawbridge


Aye Manzo we got a hit boy I'm a problem solver Who's the father Lord to conquer Lil nigga gonna appreciate Never stop dollar not a scholar Gonna conquer Rap niggas gonna learn today Ima show these niggas in the worst way Should've stood my ground in the first place You a turtle nigga in a rabbit race Niggas outta pocket, now I'm out of place Yeah feel it lil bitch Load up then take out my clip Make a few bands of rip Then Im off in a Benz Big body my shit Lost in the spins Nigga never gonna quit Yea I promise to God I won't break Yeah Leaver it to beaver to need space Started living at my own own pace Yeah No face nigga no case Yea I grace the beat I send the heat We gotta fleet Motherfucker that's obvious You niggas late I own the place I won the race And niggas tryna get up on to this Rollie glisten know what time it is Niggas hating, but I love that shit Now I'm chilling with a nigga by the beach She been on my dick And she love that shit Yeah, yeah I won't change up on nobody, bitch I'm me (Hey) I sip lean I let the children sip the tea (Woah) Ain't no need to lock the door, I got the keys I got weed, I got lean What you need What you need Everybody wanna be a nigga like me Everybody dick ride Everybody want beef Everybody and anybody can get it, that's me Told G, pull the ski, six shots, six deep like oooh Niggas seeing comments in the coupe Dirty ass verse in a hearse no noose, so loose Bitches in the whip Straight dripped Give a lip to my niggas like food (Woah) God dammit Ima animal Eat the pussy like a motherfuckin cannibal Hannibal Lecter, ain't worried bout pressure Murderous thoughts like I named myself Dexter And I'm next up to kill all you niggas Most you niggas is bitches Most y'all niggas be twisted Give a fuck bout you niggas cuz all you niggas really want is attention Hey
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