We're living life were having fun well never stop until were done Were gonna scream were gonna shout were gonna let it all hang out You don't like me but I like you can still do what we wanna do We're living life and living free and do what makes us both happy Why can't we just live and let live There's so much love that we've got to give Just leave well enough alone Cause in the end were just flesh and bone You can scoff and you can judge, but I don't care to hold a grudge I'm who I am and that just fine so you do you and I'll do mine Don't care who likes just what I do, we all can have our different views I'm who I am and that's just great, I'm living life no time to waste What works for me don't work for you that's ok cuz I aint you The differences between us both should lead us to better growth You gotta chip I see it clear all centered 'round innate fear Of what you do not understand not fitting in your master plan If we can all just coexist instead of trying to resist If we could try to understand we would all be better than The ones of us that came before and started slamming all the doors Instead letting in the love and blaming somebody above
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