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Ultra Instinct (Goku's Anthem)



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Goku... Son Goku He's coming Ehh hhmmm Yeah He's back This that, Super Saiyan nerd GOD flow nigga Hahaha Look Yes! On this instrumental I will Show you who's the best in this tournament of power 9-1-1 force rumblin' the cowards If I have to put it plane it is crumblin' the towers Wowzers! Feels like I've been holding back hours But you couldn't keep me couped if you was kicking it with Bowser I'm raising the intensity potentially a thousand And what I'm 'bout to kick will have you shittin' in your trousers Face it, lyrics when I put em to the page Is embedded so deep even Zeno can't erase it (Ooooo) Dream by any means if you occupy the space Picture Martin King and Malcolm in the middle of a spaceship Wait, just then the Grand Priest told Whis Like SHEESH I ain't know this little mortal was a beast Niggas barely left scratch, put a dent, made a crease When it comes to combat niggas really can't compete Cause my punches is liquor ain't chasin' no bitches I'm drunken with power they looking suspicious I swear this Corona's my drink of destruction I'm telling you Champas this beer is delicious Get it? I'm just playing with the name puns Same fun that'll give me comp when it ain't none Stop it! Wanna get it poppin? Nigga go and aim one You up against a guardian I hope you got a James Gunn Think it's sweet and its pissin' me off Added fuel to the fire and you giving me more Wanna judge me? He without sin gets to cast the first stone Infinity War (WHOOAAAAAAH) Power to the people our glory in hand We're a warrior race nigga I am just Saiyan Retreat and surrender dog, now is your chance Cause this is a warm up and I am just playin' U-U-U-U-ULTRAAAAAAAAAA! (Ultra) Instinct! (Instinct) "Ultra Instinct" "The fight starts now, Jiren" And I'm in it to win it time limit under a minute One hundred percent I give it until my shit is diminished They call me Dennis The Menace and all these niggas will witness The way I tend to the business I should've had an apprentice I think I'm getting the hang of it control and maintaining it Really ain't no explaining it how I manged obtaining it Earlier this shit was straining me now my body sustaining it Belmod is complaining cause now it ain't no containing me (NIGGA BREATH) Let me slow it down, pitcher on the mound Make you play catch with these words that I throw around I strike fear when I roar and you know the sound Everybody in this world of void know it's going down Talk style but it really ain't a thing to me More swag than a Kai in a Supreme hoody Hope of the universe still got a ring to me Full power? I ain't even threw a beam fully Brawn over brain in a testing of testicles I need that more so than I need a Kaneda Some of the time intellectual Tetsuo's better than some of these popular Akiras Next page of the Toriyama story I'ma Write it like a nigga fighting for the glory I'm a Water badge owner you don't wanna pass over Flow evolved with the water stone I'm a Vaporeon Seconds remaining the ending is nearing I'm taking us home I'm controlling the steering Fans give me faith and I'm hearing em cheering Nigga no way am I fearing no Jiren Now here is a closing piece Ain't nobody alive spittin' close to me Last man standing have a toast to me This is how the ending of Super was supposed to be, nigga "Saiyans... such interesting beings" "Ultra Instinct" "Ultra Instinct" "Ultra Instinct" "Kaaaaaa-Meeeeee-Haaaaaa-Meeeeee-HAAAAAA "Whis" "Yes" "Goku has done it, hasn't he" "Yes"
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