Here it goes So many times that you think you could find You thought you would rob my mind I thought you would be the one The one that can see That could see that I'm flying Now ya look in the sky Looking inside Now how many time Think you you could find And think in your mind Never did think you could ever to be the one The one I'm slighting Look to the binding You think you can ride though Lonely ya glide through me Thought you could be The one that would meet The one that convened and that wanted to see me See ya with the "feed me" 'Cause you know we gots to go And I'm giving'm room I'm give'm my all Something big and something to show for Because you got nothing left And you's gots to go But then you gots to see it Then you gots to creeping And you've gots to roll I'm underground I've gots the sound I've gots to give them more How many times you think you's gots it Gots to move it Here we go Down with the crime And I never did find How many them times did you do you How many times did you think in your mind And you gots to give it up when you do You do too when you don't You don't let me know in the show We toe to toe but never to give it a go And how many times more do you show it Now I'm the feller that keeps on refining Now that I'm minding my mind I'm in it deep I'm give it a grinding Send me the sign and I sending'm in crime-ing No more this time, I wanted to keep things The devil he keeps it, I'll beat it I'm lively Believe it to see it, I got it, I'm creeping My mind is the devil but god is my spirit; I'll'a Keep going, get some Give'm the flip, get more Get'm as high as shit, so So loco I'm thinking I'm Pitbull Gotta let go- Go? No Let me just start the show? Sure I am the one that'll get you going Bouncing 'til we cave the floor in So give me another beat that's grimy And I'll make it so filthy that the crowd starts drowning By the sound of my harmonics, casting spell with melodics So constructive, my words enter the conscious Pounded and peppered like my shotgun of rhymes they went Ch ch click plow Put it so deep that you never conceive Another thought or feeling feel about me now My style its so wild Mind is like a child Thinking creative thoughts That you could never think And not for miles Not for hours Creating this style instantaneously Brilliance hits me, it's god I see And then I spit it calm and free Got this beat here, with my words up inside ya I got you thinking, "this dude's murderous" How many times did you think that your rhymes Could stand up to mine Let alone the test of time So detract, or i'l throw you body Into the sea under the stars Come have a look, I'm in the back of the track I'm ain't driving, I'm in the back of the car Now you're enlightened by the words that I'm rhyming So many layers attacking and dodging I got mine I summon The Morrow I know you're dodging when I question your conscious Stop the attack or I pull triggers back And you won't end up all over the floor This is the madness, I think you need glasses U really want B.I.G., O.R.U. just hungry 4 more I got the mind mind mind mind You the design sign sign sign You got it all all all all You want more time time time I gotta say, that you wasting your beats You wasting your producers that all could be mine, and But you know that that I'm free while you're all tied up I don't need an industry to be backing my grinding
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