Times up, it's too late They're thousands killed from all this hate The cycle repeats and escalates Hearts drown in silent song We say their names The list goes on and on And on and on Time's up We've got to wake up now or never Be love in action together Break down walls of silence Shatter all this violence News flash, lights are on now The system's been broken all along How do let these tragedies occur So much injustice, so much hurt It's too late, but it's not too late To drive out hate and educate Black lives matter Black lives matter The only way we're gonna win this war Is recognize that love is the cure Stand up every day Come together and be the change Time's up, pattern breaking Resistance will be there but so will we Gather all your courage, brother sister father mother Yes it's too late, but it's not too late To call out hate each and every day 'cause No lives matter until black lives matter Equality can't wait no more Open your eyes, let's win this war The love inside survives The love inside survives Times up, it's too late Thousands killed from all this hate Time's up
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