What a wonderful View in front of me How odd can it be? She is the one I seek (Is she?) How strange would that be? You know I'm calling you and How cool did that feel? I'm getting back to you How strange would that be? Your lips are getting closer I can't help myself again You've seen the worst of me, the darkest part of myself All I can promise now, I'll be your friend These demons all they do, they wanna spoil your day I wish I'd like to you, (but) they are a part of the game She is ignoring me; how come she cannot see it? Girl how can't you see? I'm gonna make her see it I'm gonna call her now, you'll lose her if you do that Give me answers, what am I supposed to do now? Leave the girls behind and focus on the woman She will find a way, a way to make you go there Is she the girl you speak? You have to figure this out Try and let it be, don't lose yourself on her If we can be ourselves, see each other again Give it another chance, I'm both a lover and friend If I can make you melt, will you be there for me? I'm gonna make you see, what we can be We vibe!
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