You say I'm really classy That ain't nothing new You love it when I'm dolled up Looking really cute So that's what's your into I wanna get wild I wanna get lose Take you for a spin Even though it's taboo What's a girl to do He likes my legs in those boots I can make a man choose Leave them girls from the city You got nothing left to lose There's one thing only southern girls can do We can ride the bull All I hear is whistles when I walk away The thick girls yeah we got ass for days I know you wanna smack it I ain't gonna have it Make it rain everyday that's a bad habit Looking for a cowboy I'm a Dallas fan baby I be Spotting heat Texas summer on the daily Nails pressed hair high closer to God Walk into the dealership like I want them all
Writer(s): Heather Mckenzie Buttrell, Kiplan Midas Evans Ii Lyrics powered by