Let me introduce Mr nice He stays in my room but I can hear him crying through the night Say hello to Mr nice If it's not the dice in his hand It's his whiskey and ice Take a chance on me nice It's not as if you're going to die Even bad cats have nine lives Wave goodbye to Mr nice When you see his last smile you're going to wish you seen it twice Yo Mr nice Mr nice I appreciate your efforts when it comes to advice Mr nice, hey Mr nice We're all out drinking Did you not get an invite? Here yo Mr nice I love how you can sing but only when the video appears on my phone screen It's a dream it's a dream In my passion I'm ignored while they're scrolling through in their daydream I can't unsee what's already been Why are all my messages left on seen If you can't say something nice Don't say nothing at all I used to think that the strawberry fields were going to be here forever I guess that's just a tale I let fail because nothing really grows in this weather I better think about finding some shelter In amongst all this helter skelter Seeing visions of Mr nice drowning in the middle of a social gather Let me get my dice roll them twice Do I got to sell my soul to see you? It's alright living in plain sight Being ignored in the same light too I will take my time like I should like you do that alright with you? I will need my need my time water and food to reconstruct my attitude Let me take my time let me think Run instead of walk I'll drown when I sink In another cup in another drink Lost another day all in a blink May be this time I think you should Run another mile down my avenue Before your time catches up with you Pray to the heavens that I don't blame you Well I guarantee that you can't be Mr nice when you hold your middle finger up too If it was up to me you would see I would run before they tied their shoes Being Mr nice don't make you the fool If you're looking something else off the top shelf Better find yourself another stool If you can't say something nice Don't say nothing at all Trying to give myself a purpose Another reason why I'm here Bringing all my devils to the surface Scratch my eyeballs out of fear Trying to find another single purpose Another reason so sincere Cause I've been livin in cycles I've be living them year to year I hear the words of peers conjour my fears and sneer Killing me softly and leave me in tears so clear My voice ignored you've made your choice it's suffice Say goodbye to Mr nice If you can't say something nice Don't say nothing at all Nothing at all Say goodbye to Mr Nice
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