Hot like wax smooth tracks fresh grooves off the press Fresh needles no bangin' just polished the decks Like Premier in the lab a crate and two techs On the pads pumping jabs MPC getting flexed Take a stab at this hip hop Grandmaster Flash Dip and Dash like Damon after deals with Def Jam Written verses from Guru sound like freestyles DAMN Kendrick made mills with a pen it's just hip hop Back when radio hits were recorded on stacks of blank tapes Bootlegging our favorite mixtape sounded great Pop it in the new walkman hope the headphones don't break To new Beats from Dre when Eminem held his weight Masta Ace in the booth Filthy Rich adding heat Saying thanks to the Bronx and Kool Herc in them streets Those neighborhood parties a mic and break beats Before shell toe sneaks and leaks it's just hip hop Much love to that mighty Mos Def and that Black on Both Sides Brooklyn down to Compton glad hip hop survived Moment of silence for the ones who lost lives 2 Pac Biggie Smalls Phife Dawg from Tribe Mac Dre Big Pun Big L and Guru Eazy-E the ones who took L's to the crew Violence and health treated hip hop so cruel Don't pity the fool stay true it's just hip hop Yo I remember back when new albums dropped every Tuesday A line out the door when fans still bought CDs Before .mp3 downloads pennies for streams Just Fat Beats and samples like Kno from Cunning To hell with these labels the records they've shelved Underground independent doing it for themselves Pay no mind to these wak mumble rappers on pills This takes skills you know the drill it's just hip hop
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