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#123 – Mashed Potatoes | Buck Bowen
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Buck Bowen
Buck Bowen


Stepped on the scene the let my dick hit the floor Started busting a rhyme like gimme some more I peeped your girl doing a yoga pose Then reached for a Kleenex, so I could blow my nose Royally moving my bowels King sized shit, losing my crown Why suffer in silence when I can do it aloud I'm sure you'd do it too, if you were allowed Man you suck so badly What's the first rule of Q & A? Don't ask me Three's company, two is a crowd Once upon a time I was stupid and proud Stop goofing around I know you got balls, there're two in your mouth It's that freak freak party, I'm a see ya later Gonna go stick my dick in the mashed potatoes It's turtle shells all the way down It's a banana peel flying at you now Is it the love potion or the way elixir It's not the size of flick but the motion in the picture Get it together I can't decide or accept if it's permissible whether To letter dominate the alphabetter I'm tied up in rulers, I'm bound to measure The amount is overdue A, E, I owe, so let me get back to you It may be a while It took Bannister a year to run a 4 minute mile You follow trends and you still suck You say you're catching Phil's, catching Phil's what? I hate to disagree, and I hope to stop Cause I'm a contrarian, no I'm not
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