I just need a little weed and a backrub Dime piece with the D's in the bathtub Wanna talk about beats? Get your racks up You don't wanna see when we act up, Pull up, M3, better back up Hold up, hold up, talk my shit I got a hundred bad bitches and they all suck dick I rolled a couple fat swishers and they all gettin' lit Take another handful out the zip, lil' bitch I'm on 10 Pull up in a Benz with a girl and her friends She can be a blond, brunette bitch, man whatevs I don't really care, I'mma be the man till the motherfuckin' end Backpack full of weed Mix up the Bape with Supreme Bitch I'm the best, no I cannot be beat Fuck your whole set homie, fuck your whole team All white whip, clean, something like chlorine God damn, your lil' bitch fuckin' with me She like my swagger, yeah, she like my steez' Your mans' is a lame and I got what you need Shawty I got what you need, yeah believe that Flatscreen TV with the seat back Likely find me where the weed at It's like TNT when the beat slap I pull up to the soiree smelling like gas You know how I do Hopped out the ride and my girl on fire Getting high poolside like I'm used to Got me thumbin' through a big band now No handouts, did it all myself Flow like Chernobyl, my shit top shelf Got a big bankroll and an LV belt, aye And we gon' sit up on the couch to this Roll a blunt, fuck a bitch, blow an ounce to this Do it all for the Cris and the Christian Dior You ever seen a Chevy with the butterfly doors? Yeah Coast to coast, I roast the most, it's dope Flow is cold, no Osmosis Jones Goin' pro, the wrist is ten below Ralph Lauren and Tommy all I know Yeah, fuckin' bitches, rock designer jeans Off the ropes like WWE Got model bitches tryna fuck with me Rollin' weed to all apologies, like woah New wheat Timbs with the blue jeans Hopped out the S-Class Benz lookin' too clean That's my friends with the groupies, rollin' doobies Do you lil' bitch, I'mma do me
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