I don't expect shit but clown shit from clown bitches To expect anything less is an insult to my intelligence I spread like Corona with that said I don't compete for what's already mine You haven't even lived long enough to comprehend Oh you thought because we wasn't moving The way you wanted us to move we wasn't moving at all Stagnant, I'ma raise the bar You got all that mouth, you know who the fuck you are You know who the fuck are, or maybe you don't B... B... Beats by Fury, Quad Me I ain't never been a silly hoe Come with the bulshit find what you looking for Talking that slick shit running yo mouth vic Like you a skeptic ah get you murked bitch Every bum bitch thinks she can rap (She can rap) Every hood nigga be in the trap (In the trap) Every cap nigga be in the studio (In the studio) Every rich nigga fuck with a dumb hoe Fuck you on the run for bitch you better duck low Bodies hit the floor when bullets rain slow (Rain slow) Just know through the door I'll take yo shit We can hit Lakeshore lemme hit this lick Bet double down money I triple it Then it's back out of town fore the shit get thick Or load another round like I'm on the battleground Cause I hunt prey bounty bloodhound Break bread with you naw I won't split My stage with you you are unfit Fuck ya life you counterfeit I'll fuck ya wife make her my bitch Get this understood my 9 will test ya manhood So you can be down for life Or you can lay down for good If that ain't hood bitch I ain't hood I'm from the slum misunderstood I had a fucked up childhood Now that I lucked up what's good And I'm sick of you hoes internetting around Bitch you a clown pipe it down fore I pull up and drawdown Hoe we can make scene screenplay drama queen Underdeveloped cause you green I'll fuck u raw no Vaseline No sleep like a machine they call her Scarlett Porcelaine That bitch a lunatic, but I ain't here to politic I'll do a nigga quick I don't owe a nigga shit but Quad And I don't fear a muthafucka but God Shot, shot, shot, shot, shots fired Every bum bitch thinks she can rap Thinks she can rap Thinks she can rap Thinks she can rap Shot, shot, shot, shot, shot, shot, shot, shot, shots fired Quad
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