Listen to Thunder Over London by Gama Bomb

Thunder Over London

Gama Bomb


166 Shazams


Airships wore the iron cross That lit the dark with dread Night raid counter-strike barrage Brings war down on every head Flying fortress or Doodlebugs A day out in Dresden for all Indiscriminate punishment Backs against the wall High explosive war crime bombs Is coming for us all Black out The Stormfront Hiding from the lightning war on high A Vicious Instinct Look out! There is no retreating tonight Thunder over London Paris feels the steel Berlin going under The victor's frozen heel Wing commander With head held high Missile command Decide who'll die Summon the genie The war you're starting Moscow connection Commence with able archer The end Of history The game has changed but the dread is all too real There's no Escaping The nuclear hell technology will deal Thunder over London Paris feels the steel Berlin going under The victor's iron heel Fiends unleash the rocket war Vengeance in their eyes Thunder over London Beware the iron sky The triggers set Weapons change hands The bombs get bigger But it's the same old plan You and me Us and them Cold war violence To the children of men The sleeping medusa In silos they're kept Military industrial Complex The wall came down But we're still not free Hostage to a nuclear Military When the good guys kill The villain's unclear Another hiroshima Another toxic spill How long till midnight? We're all getting tired If we don't stop the clock The world will expire Mutual Destruction Friendly fire that sends us all to hell Life with a finger on the button So inured to violence we can't tell This is hell Thunder over London Paris full of ash Berlin going under The nuclear double flash Still primed to fight a rocket war Insanity on every side Thunder over London Beware the iron sky
Writer(s): Philip Byrne, Joseph Mcguigan, Dominic Dixon, John Roche Lyrics powered by