Light up another camel You said I was too much to handle He said that he missed me Talkin' 'bout runnin' out getting married Okay, please Do not play with me Let you get two shots for free When did you stop listening To yourself Nostalgia is a dirty liar Do you love me Or do you just desire To patch the hole in your heart We known I can't make it work from the Start Too fast Too slow I'll wait Gotta go Clock turns Time stops I feel the rock And the roll This room is spinning I know it's from all my sinnin' This shit is endless Feel the smoke in my lungs Numb the pain of moving on Gotta find my way back home I know myself But do you know who I am You don't love me You don't even know me Time changes things Arrogant of you to think I am still the same Just goes to show you don't excogitate About anything Light up Light up
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