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Growing Pains
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This is a song about changing your life What a strife Stab me with a knife you little slut Yeah, maybe not Umm, excuse me? You went a little far there, over the line I think Sacrifice your mind in the face of change I didn't know if I wanted it to But then I went ahead and I bid you adieu Oh no Wait, before you hate me For my sake please You need to know that I need this right now And I wrote you this letter so please take a bow Oh, you understand I have never Appreciated you so much like purple kush I pronounced it kush 'cos I don't smoke weed And now I'm on my own Changed my life solo But these, irrevocable decisions are cutting incisions in my Confidence and sense of self Mindfulness and yoga help Wow, I, I really am from LA I wasn't ready for all this Thoughts shove me down like a French kiss Thots on my dick like they wanna bone But when thoughts become thots then it's clear I need to grow Wow Yeah, loneliness It's like a nice, uhh Like a nice Sauvignon Bitch, ooh I love you I miss you I can't wait to speak so soon Even though you're on your own independence honeymoon I know, sad But this was my decision Instigating my self-reparation Reinstating my time, what elation Oh, damn And I know I had to fail Everybody copes but they be so frail Yeah, maybe not my best decision But I don't regret shit That's not true And even if it was I'd be lying up above Looking down on petty love Like I'm flying like a dove But no, I'm sitting here all alone I'm sorry that I left our life unsown Like a dog without a bone, uh Like a dog without a bone I wasn't ready for all this (Uh, no he was not) Thots shove me down like a French kiss (Mwa) Thoughts on my dick like they wanna bone (What do they wanna do? Bone) But when thots become thoughts then it's clear I need to grow Fuck, ha-ha-ha I guess I just wanna like get there already But I also know That I'll look back and be like that was just the dumbest perspective Along with my mistakes I must address yours You too broke my trust and then tainted our floors But just like your mind, I too know a truth You needed mistakes to grow beyond your youth
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