We the other side Make z tail the rental I can't decide Plates say Massachusetts put her in disguise Only time I move the bag is on 75 Me and rich riding up the interstate Say my people need some food and I got a plate I been really selling weight you niggas selling shake 150 For a gram in a another state We the other side and this shit forever Stay on the road niggas moving clever I can bring it to your door don't care bout the weather Baby u aint got the stuff ive been moving clever GPS wit the bag put the bag on tether If the boys get behind us petal to the metal Put her ass in McQueen got her feeling special If u tryna get a bag baby I'm a let you If we ball an unfair baby I'm a caught you We the other side rep it to the casket Plug hit me with some blues and another basket I can bring it to yo door I can make it happen I done been through it all chances make champion 75 North 20 the long way Bitch we the other side that what the song say Never pass young dog the ball he ran the wrong way Let my young dog sit I had long day When I'm in the city bitch I'm really active Shop for the work me and Pop in traffic He done made a young bull but I been a savage When I'm done wit this run we gone relaxing Get the work for the low then I got too tax em If you don't know about rich nigga you should ask em
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